By invoking this curse we are looking after our own house. We exclusively target the people responsible for the pipeline and the pipeline itself. We have only called upon spirits with which we have a personal relationship, and are not sending them to interact or interfere with the Native movement or into Native land, except to surgically kill the pipeline.

We have set the spirit arrangements in place, so this symbol can be deployed as a targeting device. The spirits will recognize the sigil and fulfill the curse.

We invite those who wish to support this curse to inscribe this sigil against the buildings, cars, equipment of company executives & agents, and law enforcement and private security agencies who serve as their mercenaries. DON’T place on natural objects or places. Target it strictly at the pipeline company and affiliated entities, on or offsite.

And don’t get caught.



In the truth of our shared humanity and our allegiance to Life;

In the defense of the land and the waters and the truth that Water is Life;

In respect of our debt to the First Nations of this continent, a debt which cannot be repaid, but in honor of which we must act;

In respect of Sovereignty we strike against the Black Snake, the toxic and destructive pipeline, against its agents and executives and mercenaries who harm, insult, and bring violence to the land, the waters, and the peoples of the First Nations.

We call to action the spirits who are kin to us, who have bee fed by our hands and made agreement to this action;

We call on our Gods and spirits who protect Sovereignty with the sharp edge of battle;

We call you to action against the Black Snake.

We call your force and ferocity into this sigil against the Black Snake.

Let any who invoke it to protect life, land, water, and sovereignty gain your blessing, your backing, and your protection from harm.

To the Agents, Executives, and Mercenaries of the Black Snake, your crimes against this land, against the waters that give us life, against humanity, and especially against our kin of the First Nations have been witnessed and counted:

You have desecrated and destroyed sacred places and holy Native graves,

You have set dogs to attack and chemicals to debilitate and weapons to bludgeon peaceful Water Protectors,

You have unlawfully detained and imprisoned free and peaceful Water Protectors,

You have insulted and desecrated sacred Native religious regalia,

You have violated treaty and law and the fundamental Sovereignty of First Nations peoples.

And for these violations of your duty to land and life, law and treaty, and of Sovereignty itself, we unleash and send against you the relentless agents of the spirit realm.

Spirits to bind and entangle you

Spirits to bite and rend you

Spirits to spear and wound you

Spirits to seize you and carry you into the mouth of the Otherworld.

Your life is drawn from you

Your health is drained from you

Your wealth is stripped from you

Your power is withdrawn from you

The Black Snake dead before you and before all the world, never to menace our lands, our waters, and our peoples again.

Of your life we make a feast for hungry spirits

Of your bones we make a feast for hungry spirits

Of your wealth we a gift to the life of the land

Of your power we make an offering to the powers of Sovereignty in this land.

O wrongdoers, criminals, Agents, Executives, and Mercenaries of the Black Snake,

Your violations are renounced.